ProperComm® for Judges & Legal Professionals

ProperComm As A Teaching Tool

ProperComm® sends the edited version and a communication tip to the original sender which teaches by example

By Positive Reinforcement

After having 20 consecutive appropriate emails over at least a two month period, the client receives a certificate acknowledging his/her ability to communicate appropriately, which can be provided to the Court.

By Negative Reinforcement

Emails cost $5 for the first 70 words – text messages cost $1 for the first 70 characters. The parties must decide if the next word is important enough to pay another $5 or $1. This teaches the parties to be brief, direct and to the point. It also provides for a negative consequence for long rants.

Judges sometimes order litigants to communicate with each other through their attorneys. However, not all litigants have attorneys and attorneys are quite expensive. Therefore the courts must often use valuable court time to resolve disputes between litigants caused by inappropriate communication. ProperComm® eliminates the hostile and inappropriate emails altogether thereby freeing up the Court for more serious issues.

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Assisting Judges

Judges are often bombarded at hearings and trials with requests to review emails and/or text messages that have been exchanged between parties. Allegations are often made regarding inappropriate name-calling, using inflammatory language, etc. Judges are often required to use valuable time to listen to disputes regarding emails and/or text messages.

ProperComm® provides Judges an alternative to constantly resolving disputes between litigants who wish to present inappropriate communication claims to the Court. ProperComm® will not only eliminate the inappropriate communication between litigants, but will teach them the skills necessary to cease making inflammatory comments to each other and adding unnecessary and distracting comments and arguments to their email/text message exchanges.

Recognized Nationally

Clear Communication

Communication Experts act as a mediary between you and the recipient.

Text, Email or Phone

Use ProperComm to communicate via text or email, or even via phone.

Developed by Legal Experts

The team behind ProperComm understands the legal complexities of documented communication for legal compliance.