Parents & Co-Parenting

In an effort to facilitate appropriate communication between co-parents, ProperComm® developed a web based email and text message editing company. We edit text messages and emails between co-parents who are required to communicate but unable to do so appropriately.

Attorneys & Judges

By intercepting and editing hostile emails and/or text messages before they are received by the other parent, ProperComm® seeks to reduce the number of litigants seeking court hearings to stop harassing emails and/or text messages. In addition, by reducing the volume of aggressive emails/text messages between parents, ProperComm® also may reduce the number of exhibits which might otherwise be used at court hearings.

Legal Professionals & Parenting Coordinators

As Parenting Coordinators know, not all litigants have attorneys and courts are often required to resolve disputes between litigants representing themselves, i.e. pro se or pro per litigants. ProperComm® provides Parenting Coordinators an alternative to constantly resolving disputes between parents involving inappropriate communications.

Domestic Violence

Victims of Domestic Violence are often required to continue communicate with their abuser because have children in common but using our family mediation services can make the communications much more productive and proper. Often time, abuse continues via emails and/or text messages. Victims continue to victimized their abusers because of non-specific Court Orders.