For Parents & Co-Parents

In an effort to facilitate appropriate communication between co-parents, ProperComm® developed a web based email and text message editing company. We edit text messages and emails between co-parents who are required to communicate but unable to do so appropriately.

Clear Communication

Communication Experts act as a mediary between you and the recipient.

Text, Email or Phone

Use ProperComm to communicate via text or email, or even via phone.

Developed by Legal Experts

The team behind ProperComm understands the legal complexities of documented communication for legal compliance.

ProperComm® wants to assist parents in learning to better communicate with their co-parent.

In an effort to facilitate appropriate communication between co-parents, ProperComm® developed a web based email and text message editing company. We edit text messages and emails between co-parents who are required to communicate but unable to do so appropriately.

ProperComm® eliminates the hostility, vulgarity, and removes anger from communication before it ever reaches its intended recipient; leaving the parents communicating without emotion and only about the children.

ProperComm® also eliminates passive aggressive language which often times the sender does not even realize is abusive.

Communication Tips for Parents. Staying Kid Focused

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    • Instead of making statements, which can be misinterpreted as demands, try framing as much as you can as a request.
    • Ask his or her opinion
    • Use nice words and kind behaviors. Be clear, calm and specific in your requests.
    • Keep parenting issues separate from money issues
    • Develop a written plan for conducting communication via telephone, fax, or e-mail.
    • Move away from blaming and toward problem solving. Be honest, it’s not usually “all the other parent’s fault.”
    • Be courteous and respectful even if you believe the other parent is undeserving.
    • If you have trouble being courteous, imagine that the other parent is a close, friend and act toward your -spouse as you would toward a friend you really like. Impossible? Try it!
    • Do not expect the other parent to read your mind or to meet your needs.
    • Don’t expect praise or appreciation from the other parent.
    • Keep the children out of the middle of conflict.
    • Be careful to monitor your language.
    • You should think of your relationship with the other parent as a business relationship.
    • Be patient.
    • Be a voice of reason, not of agitation.
    • Watch your language.
    • Be clear, calm and specific in your requests.
    • Speak politely not negatively about the other parent.
    • Learn how to separate your role as a former mate from that of a parent.
    • All email or text communications should be appropriate and respectful.
    • Emails and text messages should provide either relevant information for the other parent (FYI) or invite the other parent into a decision-making process.
    • No disparaging comments and complaints about the other parent should be included in the communication.
    • If the email or text message is to encourage decision-making, the parent should try to conclude the email or text with a question like “what do you think?” in order to encourage collaboration.

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ProperComm® reduces abuse and conflict

It is often necessary for victims to continue to communicate with their abusers and they can become anxious and afraid to open emails and/or text messages.

ProperComm® eliminates that fear because the abusive language never finds its way to the victim unless there is a threat.  All threats will be sent through without editing.

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ProperComm® Reduces Co-Parent’s Expenses

When the parties are constantly sending hostile messages to each other they are more likely to end up back in litigation with many email exhibits showing the other parties’ abusive behavior.

Costs incurred in litigation include but are not limited to attorney fees, filing fees and often times mental health professional fees.

ProperComm® teaches its users

By Example – ProperComm® sends the edited version along with a communication tip to the original sender;

By Positive Reinforcement – After 20 consecutive appropriate emails over at least a 90 day period or 40 consecutive appropriate text messages over a 90 day period or a combination of 40 consecutive appropriate emails and text messages over a 90 day period, the client receives a certificate acknowledging his/her ability to communicate appropriately, which can be provided to the Court;

By Negative Reinforcement – Emails cost $5 for the first 70 words – text messages cost $1 for the first 70 characters.  The parties must decide if the next word is worth another $5 or $1. This teaches the parties to be brief, direct and to the point.  It also provides for a negative consequence for long rants.

ProperComm® helps judges

Judges are often bombarded with hundreds of emails and text messages provided by litigants as exhibits, reducing the amount of time available to handle more emergent situations.

ProperComm® actually eliminates the emails.  They no longer exist.  This allows the parties to continue co-parenting without court intervention because the harassment is eliminated.

Our Vision

ProperComm® understands divorced or separated couples must maintain communication with one another for reasons including, but not limited to:

(1) parenting time or other child related issues, such as school, doctor, childcare provider or other general issues;
(2) resolution/discussion of finances, debt; or
(3) other issues which require on going communications between the parties.

Our vision is to help by:


  • Teaching parents to communicate more effectively;
  • reducing abuse contained in emails and text messages;
  • minimizing litigation expenses;
  • and decreasing costs for co-parents.