1) What are ProperComm’s hours?

Propercomm editing hours are 7 days a week from 7am – 10pm Arizona Time.
Office hours are M – F 9am – 5 pm Arizona time.

2) How do I contact ProperComm?

All contact with ProperComm is done through email at customerservice@propercomm.com at that time we will  respond within 2 business days.

3) How do I get my certificate?

If you believe that you have qualified for a Certficiate, please email customerservice@propercomm.com at that time we will verify your eligibility and respond within 2 business days.

4) Is there a charge for questions?

No, there is no charge for questions to customer service.

5) Why did my text message go through in 3 pieces?

Any breakage of your text message is due to your cell phone carrier’s restrictions and/or limitation. They may also be received in the wrong order.

To avoid this type of break-up of your message, you may wish to consider using email.

6) Who do I contact if my attorney wants copies of the messages?

Each user is responsible for maintaining copies of all their sent and received messages. ProperComm does not retain message for longer than 7 day, and only then for purposes of resolving complaints regarding objections.

7) What if I do not agree with what was edited?

You will need to contact customer service at customerservice@propercomm.com with the following information:

The edited message must have occurred within the last 7 days, your complaint must specifically state the date and time the message was sent, what the issue is with what came through, how you think it should be edited and what should or should not have been taken out and why. If it is with something you received, please submit that and state what you believe should have been edited.

Please allow 7 business days for a reply from our executive team.

8) What if the other party refuses to sign up.

Unfortunately that is something that you would need to address with the Court.

9) How much does it cost to use ProperComm?

A Parent is required to pay $200.00 at the time of signing up. That payment will provide the Parent with 200 tokens (value $1.00 each), which will be applied to the cost of sending text and email messages (for cost of emails and text messages see Parent “Cost”). Although ProperComm charges a $100.00 administrative fee, if a Parent uses all 200 tokens toward messages, the “fee” is waived. If Parent uses all 200 tokens, additional tokens may be purchased in 5 token increments, starting at $20.00.

10) Do I still have to pay if my message does not need to be edited?

Yes, you must pay for all messages unless the Court specifically orders you to sign up as a victim of domestic violence. The Court can also order that one party pays for both users.