Rules for ProperComm® users:
1. Users will receive a randomly generated email address from ProperComm® once
registration and payment is complete.
2. Text users will receive a text from ProperComm® to set up the text messaging
3. ProperComm® will edit inappropriate emails from the sender before they are sent
to the other party; except as otherwise stated below.
4. ProperComm® will hold the original emails for 7 days to allow for any objections
as stated in the Refund Policy Statement.
5. If a party sends an appropriate email, no edits will be made and it will be
forwarded to the intended receiver at which time the sending party will be
credited with one “good” email to go towards the certification.
6. DO NOT THREATEN: If any threats are made in an email, the email in its
entirety, without edits, will be forwarded to the intended recipient; if there
are any abuse allegations regarding children in an email, the email will be
forwarded in its entirety to the intended recipient.
7. No bold type
8. No italicizing type
9. No exclamation points and no multiple question marks
10. No use of abbreviations, e.g. “bff” “syl” “lol” “gfy” etc.
11. No “chain” emails; if a “chain” of emails is sent (received by ProperComm®), all
but the “new” email will be automatically deleted and only the “new” email will
be edited; however, the sender may incur additional charges related to the total
word count associated with the “chain” email.
12. Do not use the other party’s name – it will be deleted. If necessary to address
the other party in an email, you may only use “Mother” or “Father” or
appropriate pronouns e.g. I, you, me, my, your, etc.
13. No capitalizing all letters in a word, e.g. ALL CAPS ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE
14. No name calling.
15. Write your email as if you are writing it to a business associate.
16. NO attachments or links; any materials you wish to provide to the other parent
must be mailed or delivered through other means.
17. Do not attach links – any links will be deleted.
18. Emails must be about the children or financial issues only.
19. Emails will not be edited for grammar, punctuation or spelling.
20. Once a ProperComm® user has received 3 consecutive months of non-edited (good)
emails and at least 20 consecutive emails during that time, or 40 non-edited (good) text messages, the user will receive a certificate which they can turn into to the Court to show they have
been appropriately emailing the other party.
21. ProperComm® is not liable for the intended recipients’ actions in regard to the
22. ProperComm® is not liable for any delay in delivery of the email.
23. You agree to add the ProperComm® email address to your email account to avoid
the email going to spam.
24. The registering party agrees that they have ready each and every rule above and
has agreed to each and every rule stated above.

__ By checking this box I certify that I understand that threats will be forwarded
unedited to the intended party.

__ By checking this box I certify that I understand that accusations of harm to child or
children will be forwarded unedited to the intended party.

__ By checking this box I certify that I give ProperComm® permission to edit, as they
feel appropriate, and forward on my behalf, emails or text messages that are intended
for the party.

__ I understand that a copy of the email or text message I send will be forwarded by
ProperComm® to me and that I am responsible for checking any errors in the message
including dates or times with 7 days.

__ By checking this box I certify that I have read and understand the rules above
numbered 1-23 and agree to be bound by all the rules and requirements as set forth

__ By checking this box I certify that I understand that I am provided with copies of
each email and/or text message sent and received and I further understand that
ProperComm neither maintains or will not provide copies of any messages.

__ By checking this box I certify that I understand that any communications between me
and ProperComm are not privileged and may be disclosed to third parties including the
Court or Mental Health Professionals. Any communications to ProperComm, which are
deemed inappropriate at ProperComm’s sole discretion, may be noted on the
Certificate of Completion.

Copies of your edited email will look similar to this:

[ProperComm® has sent your message to ___other party____.
The message delivered was:
I will pick them up at 7
Text message-
When ProperComm® has received your message:
[Message queued for delivery.]

When ProperComm® has sent your message on
[Message delivered to __other party____:
I will pick them up at 7]